How to Wear Maroon Pants

I'm still figuring out taking my own outfit photos but I feel like I am making progress.

Apparently people also like reviews of products so I will add a little tidbit today.

I am wearing:

Necklace: Not sure; I think Goodwill

Undershirt: Vanity Crinkle Lace Tank Top

I love these. I have a million of them. They are so soft. They rip easily on the bottom though

Sweater: Target Mossimo Supply

I love this sweater. It's not heavy duty. But it's sooo soft. And I love the white/gray stripes. 

It's not from this season, but I would definitely recommend it. I wish I had more.

Cardigan: Target Mossimo Supply

The link is a close match. It's super versatile. The material is light weight though. I wouldn't brave the cold in it. I like throwing it over my every day outfit in the fall. 

Pants: American Eagle Knit Jegging in Deep Plum

These are pretty thin. Definitely not "jean" but I really like them. They are stretch yet they haven't stretched in the waist so they stay up. I got them in extra long. I'm 5'9" and for the first time ever... I have pants that are long enough. I bought them buy one get one 50% off. I would definitely recommend them, especially on sale and with free shipping.


Toms Wedges

Toms were last season; I don't think this exact pair it still available. But I LOVE them. I've worn them for long periods of time on my feet and my feet didn't hurt. After one night in regular heels, my feet are always killing me. I want more of these; I'm just waiting until I graduate. I would totally recommend them. You can wear them all day and not have sore feet; cute and practical. My kind of fashion.

Let me know what you think of my fashionable yet professional work clothes. I have such a hard time finding cute things to wear to work. I think a man in a suit is so sexy but I personally feel so uncomfortable in business attire! I strive to remain fashionable, a little sexy, and of course, 100% work appropriate.