Gift Ideas for Her

I FINALLY finished purchasing my birthday gift for my Kappa Psi little, Amber. Check out my first post here:

Birthday Haul Part 1. I was going to mail this gift to her but I am actually heading to Missoula next Friday. I'm catching a ride with her friend (now sort of my friend) Stephanie for Cat/Griz. Cat/Griz is a college football game between to the two main college football teams in Montana. It's a weird game for me because I'm from Bozeman (Montana State Bobcats) but went to school in Missoula (University of Montana Grizzlies). It's my hometown vs my college town. If I'd have to chose, I'm a Griz fan, but during playoffs I cheer for which ever team makes it. I bought her an infinity scarf. It's sooo cold here in Montana and we get so much snow. I love neutral colors because they go with everything. This scarf is super soft. I purchased it at Target.

I also bought her Essie "Jump in my jumpsuit" red nail polish. It's a great color for Christmas and I think every girl should have a good red... for future breakups ;) I always rock red after breakups.

I bought her a bottle of 14 Hands wine. I love red blends, especially for people who are venturing from white to red. I recently had 14 Hands chardonnay and loved it. I figured the red blend would be just as good.

I got all her gifts together and placed a special note on each of them. I explained why I bought them or put an inside joke on them. I really enjoy giving personalized gifts.

All done. I watched a quick video on YouTube on how to put tissue paper in a gift bag. I can't wait to give it to her next Friday :)