Adorable Ideas for Pumpkin Carving

On Friday night I carved a pumpkin at my cousin's house. I am currently living in Butte, MT so I decided to carve a Gallus Frame in my pumpkin.

The photo above was not taken by me. It was taken by my cousin, the amazing Angela Vidrich. She is a professional photographer. Check her out:


Unfortunately after one day, it already started wilting. 

I searched Pinterest for tips on making pumpkins last longer. They recommended placing petroleum jelly on the openings and spraying the pumpkin with water/bleach every day. I was a little late on this but I did put petroleum jelly on the openings so we will see.

This is Eli. He is a maltipoo (maltese + poodle). My parents and I are allergic to any animals with fur or feathers (think cat, dog, horse...) but the hypoallergenic dog breed don't bother our allergies as much. I sometimes get a little sneezy, runny nosed when I haven't seen them for a while.