Decorating Your House for Halloween

I absolutely LOVE Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays (Christmas being my all time favorite). I dug out the Halloween decorations and went to town last weekend. I would LOVE to buy enough decorations to decorate every inch of the house, but it's impossible on my non-existent college budget. *tear*

Here is what I've come up with this year. Look forward to pumpkin carving, DIY Halloween costume, and Halloween themed food posts in the future. Have a spooky day.

Inside decorations

Most of the decorations we bought over the years after Halloween because every is at least 50% off.

Mini Bri there on the right. PS all of these decorations were store bought but if you look at them closely they are totally recreatable! It would be so fun to get the family together and make, for example, the Halloween sign two photos above!

Outside decorations

This is a pre-carved pumpkin with a light inside. I will take night photos with all the lights and post them at a later point.

I just love these little yard stick decorations. I got the front and back ghost and skeleton at Michaels for 40% off. The middle skeleton holds a candle.

I am assuming my mom purchased this Happy Halloween sign at Michaels or JoAnn Fabric store in the past. I am absolutely in love with it. It's soo cute. I love the colors and again it would be so fun to make this yourself!

I wanted to get a skeleton and place him in this chair... but they are super expensive so I had the idea of draping this cloth over the chair. I LOVED the way it turned out.

This grave is motion censored and pops open, making creepy noises. I don't turn it on until Halloween night though as it can become quite annoying. Haha

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me your favorite Halloween decoration! Do you buy or make them? Even better, if you have a blog, link your DIY and/or decorations below! I would love to get some ideas!